Our array of services hoardings include Railway boards, Railway panels, Transfer stickers, Cinema slides, Promos, full train, Bus panels, Full Bus painting, Mobile sign truck, Kiosks, Traffic Booth, Toll Naka, Gantry, Vinyl and TV Advertising spread across the length and breadth of Mumbai will help you run targeted campaigns in consumer populated areas. And all at a fraction of cost it takes to make your presence felt in newspapers or on TV.

Bright commenced business in 1980 as an outdoor media company. Today, is one of the leading Out of Home (OOH) media organizations in India and is spreading its footprint rapidly across the country.


  • Bus Shelter
  • Hoardings
  • Bus Panel
  • Pole Koisks
  • Mobiles Hoardings
  • Multiplex, Mall Cinema Branding
  • Street Furniture
  • Gantries Toll Nakas
  • Cantilever