Bright commenced business in 1980 as an outdoor media company. Today it is one of the leading Out of Home (OOH) media organizations in India and is spreading its footprint rapidly across the country. Its medium is cost – effective and long lasting, and delivers reach and the frequency
In unison with the seismic changes we’re witnessing across the media, marketing and communications world, out-of-home is also transforming at pace and is presenting many new and exciting opportunities. In this context and building on nearly 40 years’experience as the leading OOH asset management company in India, BRIGHT has market-leading technology and customer offering, supported and delivered by a diverse and expert team.
We firmly believe that we have the leading technology platform, the best planning tools, the strongest data and analytics capabilities, the broadest and most diversified view of the out-of-home channel and, most importantly, the best people.
BRIGHT is the India’s leading OOH marketing specialist. We have a deep understanding of what people think, feel and do out of the home, making us experts in reaching and influencing audiences in the physical world. We combine insight, data, technology and smart people to create compelling, creative and quantifiable solutions which make a meaningful difference to businesses and brands. We enable brands to navigate the complex, location-based marketing landscape with ease, to develop dynamic and integrated communications and to build rewarding customer relationships.

Key Facts:

• BRIGHT has over 100 people in 4 offices located across the country.
• BRIGHT commands over 1500 Billboards & other monopoly media’s. • BRIGHT has 8000 sq.ft head office in Mumbai.
• BRIGHT has industry-leading specialist. It has an unparalleled knowledge of OOH environment and media.
• 1500+ corporate and other clients
• Campaigns executed PAN India & International
• More than 8000+movies OOH launch